Fiberglass Tub Repair in Ventura

We understand the frustration of having a damaged fiberglass bathtub or shower, and we want to help.

What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Tub Repair?

Do you have a beautiful bathroom in Ventura but your fiberglass bathtub is starting to crack? At All Valley Refinishing, we can make your bathtub look as good as new. We offer professional repairs for your fiberglass tub or shower in order that it can be used as originally intended without worrying about further cracks and damage! We can make your fiberglass tub look new again! We use advanced resins and materials to rebuild any hole, crack, or damage. We can even change the color of your fiberglass tub or shower. Fiberglass repair is often more cost-effective than removal and replacement.  Serving Ventura and surrounding areas in Southern California.


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tub with wear before and aftertub with wear before and after
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All Valley Refinishing - Serving Ventura County

Contact us today to discuss your fiberglass bathtub repair. We will make your bathtub look as good as new!

fiberglass tub repair ventura

Fiberglass Tub Repair — Done Right!


Choosing All Valley Refinishing to do your fiberglass tub repair in Ventura will not only save you money but will also ensure the job will be done right.

    • Our technicians are experts in fiberglass tub repair and keep up to date on the top trends and repair techniques.
    • Our process can be done without removing your fixture, which saves you up to 75% on the price of that service!
    • We use advanced resins and materials that will protect against any future damage for years to come!


I’ve had my shower and sink refinished by these guys. Saved a ton of money going this route vs. replacement.
Alex C.

All Valley did such a beautiful job refinishing my grandma’s clawfoot tub, I decided to have them take a look at my guest bathroom. Living in an older home things break down. I was quoted $5000 to replace my shower surround (chipped cracked tile w/discolored grout) by a remodeling company. My Grandma reminded me of the “nice folks that took care of her ol’ tub.” I reached out, was scheduled for an assessment promptly. Not only was my estimate a FRACTION of the cost, my shower was refinished, with a stone look. The cracks and disgusting grout is gone! Like night and day! It looks like a new shower. Plus they fixes the squeak when I would step in the shower! Highly recommended!
Lara H.

Great Company! They did our tub and tile surround around a year ago. It’s holding up great! Would use them again in a heartbeat!
Gazmi K.

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