There are many ways that you can update the tile in your home. You can get the new tile and completely replace the old but this takes time, money, and a lot of work. There are also options to refinish or paint your tile. While these are both options that don’t require demolition, it is important to research each process to see what is best for your type of tile and the amount of use in your Moorpark home. Experts from All Valley Refinishing share their insights on what they recommend when updating your tile. 


Tile Refinishing vs. Tile Painting

The first thing to understand is what is the difference between refinishing and painting. Tile painting is exactly what you’d think. It is the act of putting paint on top of the older tile to change the color and cover damage or scuffs. While paint will initially look great, it does not adhere to tile great and will eventually pill or cause bumps in the tile. At All Valley, our tile refinishing in Moorpark is a multi-step process that involves cleaning the tile, removing damages, and applying a glaze that will not only have a beautiful glossy finish but will also be durable for years to come.


Tile Painting: Why Avoid it? 

 Even with the most experienced painters, there is much room for error. This is especially true with a DIY approach. If professional-grade equipment the paint will chip very quickly and will not have the same feel.

Tile painting can also limit the ability of colors you can choose to use. If you choose All Valley to do your tile refinishing in Moorpark we have multiple color options you can choose. (Check out the available colors here!) While painting isn’t all bad, it definitely is not the best option especially if you are wanting it to last for a long time                                                                       


Tile Refinishing: The Benefits

Our experts have a very detail-oriented process. Our goal is to make it look like you got a brand new tile. First, we use a two-step cleaning process that removes grime, body oil, and dirt from the surface of your tile.  This cleaning is necessary to not disrupt the bonding processes during the refinishing process. Next, any voids in the tile and grout are filled by applying a thin coat of grout over the top using a squeegee. As soon as the grout is dried, our bonding agent is applied in preparation for your new finish!


Tile Refinishing in Moorpark, CA

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